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 An application you are expecting !

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PostSubject: An application you are expecting !   Sat Nov 22, 2008 9:58 pm

Question: What is your character name, class, level and current spec?
Answer: Lerbic, Mage, 74 currently 0/0/65 for levelling

Q: What is your intended PvE character spec? (this can be the same as the previous answer)
A: I’ll go to a raid based spec once I start raiding (not sure which one yet, but when the time comes I’ll do the required research and choose something sensible)

- Gear
Q: Please provide a link to the armory for your character. We are aware that depending on the time it updated your gear/spec could be different from your main PvE spec.

Q: Please provide a short description of the current status of your gear for the intended PvE raiding spec (e.g. tier4 equivalent, mostly blue etc.)
A: At the moment its mostly drops from tier 6 instances, including 4 pieces of t6 itself, with a couple of bits of badge gear, and one piece from ZA, nothing new from northrend as yet

- Raiding
We raid on Sunday 18:30-23:00, Tuesday 19:30-23:00 and Wednesday 19:30-23:00.
Sunday is our progress day where we focus on cracking new content.

Q: Are you generally able to raid 2 of the mentioned days including at least the Sunday?
A: Yes, these times are ok for me, I go away some weekends, so I wouldn’t be able to come EVERY Sunday, but most of the time I’d be available for all 3

Q: Do you have any raiding experience? If so, what?
A: Yes, you know my (limited) pre tbc experience as I was in the same guild with some of you, In tbc my experience is a lot more, I’ve been in both and and between the 2 guilds I've killed everything up to and including Illidan (and a bit of sunwell post 3.0)
I can detail more if you like, but as you know me already, it seems unnecessary

Q: Minimum age to be accepted in our guild is 18 years. No exceptions. Are you 18 years or older?
A: Yes….Much older !

Q: We use English during raids. Can you understand spoken English well?
A: Well, my first language is Lerbish, but English is a close second Smile

Q: Are you OK coming PvE specced to all raids?
A: Yes, especially for progress raids I’ll always be fully prepared including spec, consumables and tactical research

- Voice communication
Q: Do you have a headset and are capable of at least listening to English spoken instructions?
A: Yes

Q: Do you have a microphone and are able to talk English?
A: Yes, I speak it a lot better than I type it !!

- Miscellaneous
Q: If there is anything you'd like to mention, this is the place to do it.
A: Well, most of you know me, and you know what I’m like, but just so its clear what my intentions are, I’m going to write a few things here, and I apologise in advance for the wall of text

I spent the last 6 months raiding a LOT, and the reason I’m now looking to join a different of guild is that I simply don’t want to commit the time to raid 4-4.5 hours, 4 nights a week…it was fun, a lot of fun, and I “achieved” a lot, but in the last weeks before WotLK we had fewer raids, and I found myself a lot less tired, and having time to do things other than raid……so I now want something a bit more relaxed…
I’ve done some 10 man raiding with you guys in your previous guilds and I KNOW you’ll do well in the 10 man scene in WotLK….your plan for 3 raids a week with one night specifically labelled as progress fits well with what I want right now…

However (and this is simply me being honest there is a chance that later into the expansion I may want to return to hardcore raiding in 25 man mode rather than 10 man…it might not happen, I might be completely happy with 10 mans so long as the progress through them is good, only time will tell what I’ll feel like in the future, but I’d rather be up front about my thoughts, and if you decline my application because of it, I’ll understand

As you know I’ve got a selection of alts including a tank and a healer, and I’m happy to use one of them for raiding with you guys instead of the mage, if class balance requires it (though my raid experience is lower on these characters, and I've not started levelling them up from 70 yet)

Again as you know, I have some experience as a raid leader too (though not in my last guild) and I would be looking to do some of this (not every single raid, but its something I enjoy, and would want a chance to do some)

I think that’s enough from me, thanks for reading

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PostSubject: Re: An application you are expecting !   Sat Nov 22, 2008 10:25 pm

Err I cant edit my post, but the armory link I put in doesnt seem to have worked Sad
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PostSubject: Re: An application you are expecting !   Sun Nov 23, 2008 3:33 pm

Welcome to the club
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PostSubject: Re: An application you are expecting !   

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An application you are expecting !
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